Bruno still not the best? Opening statistics, Manchester United have scored goals in the first 8 matches

02 Jul

Statistics from the Opta media's famous record show that Manchester United's talented midfielder Bruno Fernandes has also shared fewer goals in his first eight league games for Manchester United. Robin van Persie, also at the same level as the other 3.

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United's hot form midfielder, is also involved with goals. (Including goals and assists) is less than Robin van Persie, the former Dutch striker. In the Premier League game played during the first 8 matches for the "Red Devils", according to statistics disclosed by opta media record statistics.

Ferdinand recently moved from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United in the past January. But he quickly joined the team and became the main force of the team He has already shared 8 goals with Manchester United in the league, divided into 5 goals and 3 assists.

However, Van Percy was a little better than Fernandes after he had scored 9 goals in 8 league games. Manchester United had 6 goals and 3 goals. Assist, however, it still considers Fernandes to be ranked No. 2 in this chart. In addition to him, there are still 3 people who have contributed to 8 goals in the first eight league games for Manchester United, including Andy Cole, Eric Cantona and Romelu Lukaku. อ่านต่อได้ที่  ผลบอล7m 

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